Google: Looking into the Future. Literally.

Google has created an augmented reality glasses called Project Glass.

The glasses itself looks very futuristic and it can perform simple functions and it acts like a smartphone, a navigation system, a day planner, camera, and so on.

So could these glasses be a HIT or a FLOP? What do you think?

Could these glasses have some kind of effect for advertising in general?

Maybe Facebook and Apple should be on the lookout. Could this be a major competition for them in the near future?

I, myself, am a major fan of Google and I have always been fond of their latest ideas and innovations. Its quite possible that in our society today, people may not adapt to these futuristic glasses very soon, but this innovation is definitely is something that will have curious onlookers be interested in or “try testing it”.

Google employees will start “testing” these glasses early as this summer!

Check out the picture & Video!

Google: Project Glass


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