At first glance I thought what are these? Are they car lights? Then I noticed the brand. I have some Harman Kardon speakers from an old computer (’02). I never got rid of them because they look so cool and they worked well. They look like champagne classes (and the set came with sub woofer), but they don’t have the same transparent effect as these picture above. Of course they don’t!

The tag line is “pure performance,” but I’m positive that people will buy these just because of the product design. Someone who didn’t know better might get lost in a “chicken or the egg” moment. Of course the product precedes the ad, but with such an elaborate design will performance even be an issue? I’m thinking that as long as they work (and I wouldn’t doubt that they do), the consumer will be happy. I’m a bit of an audiophile, but not when it comes to hardware. I’ve manually EQ’d (equalized) almost every track in my mp3 player. Most of them come straight from vinyl.

“The first audiophile quality sound system for computers and multimedia devices.”

Rolling Stone

April 2010