How I’m trying to get my foot in the door

I work as a Web Design Intern at a company called ASTM International, and I really enjoy it. One of my projects was helping to redesign the website. They use a contracting company called Micronexx to do all the developing. A way we communicate about the project is through a website called Redmine. On this site, we can post to Micronexx what we need to be changed, updated, or created for the website. When I was first being introduced to the project, my boss sent me an email only telling me to register on the Redmine website. Later in the day, we were to having a meeting about it at his office. I looked through the site and the features and remembered what my boss had told me about it earlier. Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.16.56 AMI was supposed to post the errors I had found on the website when going through it. I did just that and later proceeded to meet with my boss. As he was about to show me how to create a new task, he had seen that I had already posted the issues I had found, and was impressed that I was already ahead of the game. Over the course of my internship, I had to post some other things on here for the developers to do. One of the tasks was creating some icons with a page curl effect to show it was an online catalog. Recently, an email was sent out to all the ASTM staff about a new June catalog. I took a look at it on the website and saw it didn’t have the consistent page curl like all the rest. I quickly made it and sent it to my boss asking if I should put the task on Redmine. He said it was a good catch and would be pleased if I could do so. I hope that little things like this can get me in the door at a full time job when I graduate. Any little things like this are important to be on the look out for. Employers definitely look for interns who are motivated and caring about the company.

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