How Time Flies

It was just 110 days ago when I got a call from Craig Kaplan, the owner of MilkBoy Communications,  to come in for an interview.  I knew this was going to be a different experience from the rest when he ran off the names of three clients and told me to come in the following day with campaign ideas for one of them.  I am a person who does not like the interviewing process but I remember feeling excited about this one.  The next day, I went in with my ideas and left with an internship that started the following day.  I felt relieved, excited and most of all curious to know what kind of experience I will walk away with at the end.

I can now answer that question with confidence and say that my experience at MilkBoy Communications has truly been something I am grateful for.  I have been able to dip my hands into different aspects of advertising such as copywriting, research and PR.  By writing blogs, researching and recommending social media outlets and promoting online content has all added to my understanding of the advertising industry.

While I enjoyed working on every task I was given, I can say that my favorite has been working on the PR/account side of things.  I’ve spent a lot of time promoting and tracking the videos that we produce for our client, Di Bruno Bros.   At first I didn’t know where to start but I quickly learned  by sending the videos to various websites and contacting editors.  I was able to see my hard work pay off every time every time a website featured a video and wrote about it.  I felt a sense of accomplishment being able to contribute to the success of the teams hard work and for that I am thankful I was given this opportunity.

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