Importance of interning!

Hey guys!

My name is Jasmine and I am currently an assistant intern at Teen Vogue! It has been amazing summer so far so I just wanted to give some tips that have helped me thus far.

I know we are constantly hearing “you have to intern” and whoever is telling you this is absolutely correct! Not many of us after graduating will land our perfect job because there are so many of us and so little job positions. The best way to put yourself ahead of the pack is by showing what an asset you would be to a company and what better way to do that than to intern?

Interning is the one way that you can learn and grow in the specific field you are interested in. It also shows your mentor that you are so committed to the company that you would come in day after day FOR FREE! Even if you don’t get hired after your term, you would have gained knowledge that you wouldn’t have otherwise known because every task given is for a reason. This is one lesson I have learned during my internship at Teen Vogue. I work very closely with the Fashion Assistant, answering emails and phone calls and I have paid close attention to my boss’s mannerisms. This is something that I know I will take with me to where ever I go next. Seeing the way she handles different situations is an invaluable lesson because on a daily basis you are dealing with different personalities.

Paying close close attention to the senior people in the company is another lesson that could help you later on. Eventually we all want to get to that senior position so why not do as they do? I have learned that senior bosses really appreciate when interns take initiative with tasks. They are so busy that they don’t have the time to hold your hand and walk you through each step of a task so the more you figure out yourself the better. It’s not like someone is holding their hand, they have to work through problems tougher on a daily basis. Yes this takes time but the more you pay attention the easier it gets. I remember my first day I was totally lost, now I do things without my boss even asking because I know the way she thinks and how she likes things to be done. Something as little as paying attention will take you far!

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