Intense last week!

For my internship at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, the interns are put into groups to put together a project. Our project this year was to bring awareness of a pro bono client to the employees of Ogilvy CommonHealth. The client we had was a charity. My group held a gallery event where employees could come down and view our pieces (advertisements) to learn about direct relief and what they do to help make the world a better place. We also had a slide show of images playing along with a small animation to help demonstrate through pictures how they help! After they walked through, employees were encouraged to enjoy some ice cream at our ice cream bar! Before our event even took place, we had some very real life problems take place. The Thursday before our event, which took place on a Tuesday, our group member who designed all of our pieces had his computer crash on him. We worked with IT and were unfortunately unable to recover our pieces . Our saving grace was the fact that we had printed out smaller versions of our pieces to be put together in a book to give the CEO of the company as a professional leave behind. With a few late nights and hard work we were able to scan the printed pieces in using a high resolution and do some color touch ups. When it was all said and done, no one could tell that our pieces had been scanned and weren’t the original pieces!

During our last week we also took a trip to the Ogilvy NYC office! We toured the Digital media lab, which was pretty cool. They showed us all this new technology and ways of using it for advertising. We also had an information session about the history of Ogilvy and David Ogilvy. We didn’t get to take our full tour of the place unfortunately because of some difficulties getting there. We were fortunate enough to go up onto their rooftop, which over looks the intrepid!

Overall I had an amazing experience at my internship and learned so much that I can take with me throughout my career. Ogilvy CommonHealth makes sure their interns learn and get hands on experience during their 8.5 weeks there. I was able to learn both new things and also expand on topics we learn in classes. Having a project to work on only made your experience that much better. We got to see first hand how different parts of the agency work and how each department comes together to get one job done. My group even got a taste of real life problems when things don’t run smoothly or when technology decides to fail. Always back up your work!


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