Interning at iBlue人 ([in] as a man)

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As one of a few interns at iBluein, I had a chance to get excited for my own work to be on the press. My name is Yeeun Oh and I am about to earn bachelor’s degree in Advertising under both Art Direction track and Account Management track. Since it was my last semester when I was interning at iBluein, the company and I both tried to enhance better experiences in and out of office. Due to generous working environment of iBluein, I got to participate in both art direction and account management—sales field.


It was more than exciting to hear my boss saying, “Please create and design a half size with black and white ad for local newspaper.” Until I realized the next part and slightly startled, “by 4pm today.” Even though I often overheard that mastering art of time management is essential to any fields in real world, this was more likely a war—yet very enjoyable time managing war. There was no time to postpone or think more than twice. Everything has to be perfectly done in a fixed amount of time and the sense of accomplishment after the entire task is not even describable.


As I learned great deal of critique through several art classes, getting useful advice from other people couldn’t have been more inspiring and helpful. There were so many minor issues that I could easily miss if I handled everything by myself. For example, bleeds and actual margins did not work out just as what designers expected them to be. On top of that, making an ad with black and white color changed a whole dimension of the feel to it. When everything, including images and logos, in background was black and white, headlines with body copy had to be out glowing to stand out and be readable.


By designing logos, banners, newspaper ads, and name cards, with Adobe Creative Suite, I also increased ability to quickly accomplish the tasks. Learning great tricks and tips from the company to create a better design can’t be valued in anything else. It also was a huge benefit for me to realize how important it is to use legal photos for any type of advertisements in real world. During the internship, I had been thrilled to witness my own work and ads on real newspaper in every Korean market. This internship gave me a firm assurance to be an advertiser. Thank you so much iBluein!

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