My name is Anthony Russo, I am a student athlete here at Temple University and this summer I had the opportunity to work in the Office of the Provost for Jodi Laufgraben. Jodi’s title is Vice provost for Academic Affairs, Assessment and Institutional Research. While working for Jodi I learned many different lessons. The one that stood out most to be was organization and leadership skills that I was able to learn from watching and interacting with Jodi on a weekly basis. Jodi always had the projects she wanted me to complete ready for me when I arrived, she was very detailed in what she wanted to be done and how she wanted it. Seeing her tremendous work ethic day in and day out this summer showed me a lot and I really enjoyed my time in her office.

While working in this office I was also able to enhance my creative thinking by creating numerous projects. Ranging from slideshows and jeopardy games for a student athlete seminar class to phone wallets for the TempleFest giveaway. I was challenged daily to be creative and work together with the other interns to come up with a multitude of ideas that could help out with the task at hand.