It’s a balancing act

(my space, how it is, most of the time I’m at my internship)For all of you who can balance your school work, your internship, your job, and your personal life without pounds of chocolate and an IV of coffee, you are a robot and should not be reading this blog.

It’s hard work. I have been interning at LevLane for the last 7 months, been a full time student, Part-time worker, and occasional friend to those who are lucky to get me on a good day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it, I love being busy and having things to fill my time, but sometimes you need a personal day, ya know? I’m always going going going until I’m gone (either sleep or just mentally not there anymore) and I think that a lot of Graduating Seniors (YAY!) feel the same way I do.

Unless you are a slacker, this is one of the busiest times of your life. We look forward to the days where we don’t have to sit in classrooms and be taught “new and interesting topics” that we have probably heard of 2 years ago.

My internship is an escape really. It’s a place where I can do my own thing because they trust me enough not to sit on Facebook for 6 hours a day and give me real work to do. There are some days where I feel much less needed, but then other days I wonder how they get along without me (wishful thinking).

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