It’s All About Customer Engagement These Days

One of the many things I have learned during my internship at Aon Affinity is that there has been a fundamental shift in marketing. What works now is something that I didn’t read about in any textbooks or discuss in any classes. This fundamental shift is called customer engagement. Mass-marketing campaigns have a 2% response rate and have been on a decline; pelting consumers with your messages no longer works. The hard-sell method, for the most part, it simply outdated and consumers are tired of it. Customer engagement involves building a relationship with your customer and building their trust. One of the ways to do this is to be active in social media. Start conversations with possible customers, request feedback and address specific points that are brought up so customers understand that you care about them and their needs. Make every attempt at having personalized messages because 1 million customers are not the same person, they each have different needs and values. One thing I keep hearing is “You have to be everywhere.” (LinkedIn, Brand Blog, Twitter, Your specific field’s blog, and where ever your customers may be) Because if you aren’t you may have missed the chance to have a domino effect starting at one satisfied, engaged customer.

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  1. This makes perfect sense, my current internship has also realized this trend and has created a pricing model that specifically is based off number of engagements attained. Incorporating social media venues to encourage conversation make the consumer feel involved and valued. Cheers!

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