It’s really over – my internship at Stream Companies

stream companies


As the semester is coming to an end, it is sad news to say that my internship is ended as well. The months completely flew by, but my experience at Stream Companies was great. I used a lot of programs and tools that were never introduced to me such as Google Ad words and Business Center, and pulled Google and Bing reports for client meetings. I also got to experience more Google Analytics, which I am confident in now. There was never a boring day in the office. Those internships where the interns just sit around playing with their thumbs, waiting for work to do was not the description of this position at all. I got into the office, got a task, and kept busy throughout the day. That is definitely something I look for in an intern position, and I feel more confident in my future and what I plan to do upon graduating.


Another plus with the internship position was my supervisor and the people who worked around me. Everyone was so friendly, helpful and willing to be a contact where I am free to reach out to them in the future, or whenever I need to. It is always great to have people who are willing to help you in the future and be there for you. It is a huge recommendation for everyone to make relationships with the people who work with you in an agency, because they become great contacts, references and networks. I will miss working at Stream Companies, but the experience will now stay with me forever, and who knows, maybe I will see them again.




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