John Varvatos Internship Update

Hello again, Tom McCann here. With my internship at John Varvatos wrapped up, I’m feeling prideful when I think of all I’ve learned. It is hard to stress how important I feel office experience is. Sure, we all see a caricature of offices on TV and in movies, but experiencing the synergy of a well oiled machine and becoming part of it is something that can only be experienced. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to simply work at John Varvatos regardless of all the other benefits.

One of these aforementioned benefits is a much better understanding of media in general. One of my responsibilities was to navigate websites, magazines, and social media in order to find mentions of John Varvatos. While it was my job to archive any news and photoshop it into a uniform format for at a glance viewing (two more valuable skills I learned) it also fell under my responsibility to contact bloggers in regards to them receiving news and updates for the company. I was also able to observe the company’s interactions with writers and celebrities in their efforts to get the brand more exposure. Seeing the inner workings of of marketing and public relations  will surely help in all my future advertising endeavors.

Another advantage this internship has given me is insight into the fashion world. While I’ve always tried to dress nice, high fashion has always been a little foreign to me. However, working for such a company has increased my knowledge of it exponentially, especially since I had to cover so much media with models and celebrities wearing the fine outfits John Varvatos puts out. One of the most exciting times was working with all the coverage of the Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013. Attached are some of my favorite looks from that show.

I do feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work at John Varvatos. While I am disappointed it is over, it has renewed my appetite to learn as much as possible to prepare myself for my future.

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