Hi! My name is Bree and I am an intern at Jump Magazine in Philly. My job is to write articles for print and blog. I write a weekly post about what to do this weekend in Philly. I also go to shows and interview bands. In addition, I help with distribution, editing and fact checking. My major is advertising, so I also help with finding businesses to advertise in the magazine to keep it running.

Working with Jump has taught me how to be my own boss and to be self-disciplined. If I don’t actively go out and search for stories or give myself a time line to get things done, things would pile up and not turn out well. This is also why I really enjoy working with Jump. I am able to write about what I care about, and work at my own pace. The nice thing is you have someone to check your work before it goes out to the masses.

I have also discovered that I like to write and talk to people. My work at Jump has given me a lot of direction with my career. Working for a magazine is something that I would like to do once I graduate. I am interested in developing my writing skills and creating a portfolio not only for writing, but also for layout and design. Hopefully with this internship I will be able to work on some other magazines, and see how they run on a larger scale.

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