Keep up with the What’s Up of Social Media:

Why should we as aspiring advertisers keep up on the latest trends and happenings in the world of Social Media?

Social media sites reign as the most popular online hangouts. Americans spend 23% of internet time on social networks, no other online activity comes close. The closest is online games with 10.2%. 2 Billion people are online, and Internet use has increased by 121% in the past 5 years which means people are spending large amounts of time online and thus large amounts of time on social sites. They are accessing these sites through their tablets, smart phones, and on their computers. Online and on social media sites is where people are, and as a result, it is where advertising is going. Trend analyst Optify predicts businesses who turn to social media for advertising will have a greater ability to reach consumers in 2012. According to business insider advertising within social networks is expected to reach $5 billion this year. By 2013, it could be a $10 billion business. (read: Small Biz New Year’s Resolution: Improve Your Social Media Presence)

For more stats click on the info-graphic below:

social Media info graphic


So now that I’ve convinced you of your need to keep up with the what’s up of social media, I’ll give you a tip on how to do it. A great way to keep up on social media is to visit, add them to your Facebook, Twitter, or as an RSS feed. is a site dedicated to delivering news about digital culture, social media, and technology.

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