Last Event With Philly Mag!


Hey guys, I wanted to post and share about my closing experience of my very first internship! After a semester as an advertising sales intern at Philadelphia magazine, I have to say the most exciting part about the opportunity was being able to work the events. It gave me a different type of experience than your average office day. Yes tension and stress levels were always high on site the day of the event, but it was also exciting to see everyone’s hard work come together in a form that allowed us to physically see and enjoy the results.


With my internship, I could not have asked for a better ending than the Philly Wine Fest. It was held on May 10th at the Lincoln Financial Field, and ended up being a huge and successful evening (filled with delicious food and wine)! The event was hosted by the magazine and Fine Wine & Good Spirits, and proceeds from the event benefitted the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. I helped with the set up and registration, where I was checking in a lot of different press and media guests. It was pretty exciting!


It turned out to be a great networking opportunity, which was not a plus I had planned on. Several of my bosses invited friends from the industry, and because it was my last chance working with them, they were even more eager to introduce me one last time. I was actually able to get a lead on a possible graphic design internship for next year – fingers crossed. All in all, it was a great way to end out the semester with Philadelphia magazine, experiencing what I found to be one of the most exciting aspects of the industry.



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