Let’s make a sale

As my final days as a Sales Intern at PHL-17 are coming to an end, I’ve been getting together all of the projects I have worked on. I have had to opportunity to learn so many different things during my time here. Some of my daily tasks included tracking ratings for specific programs and demographics, helping put together sales presentations, researching competitors’ advertisers and prospective clients, and helping out with making revisions or adding restrictions to commercial spot times. However, it was the experiences that have taught me the most.


Aside from daily tasks and projects, I was brought out on sales calls. This has shown me this entire process of making a sale. First we would research our client and put together a proposal and presentation. We would then go see client or take them out to lunch and discuss our proposal. Either clients would sign and we would close the sale or we would be sent back to revise our proposal. Finally after sales are made, I’ve seen how the follow up process works by sending clients emails and the ratings their spot received.

Overall I’ve learned so much in the office and out on calls. These past three months have been so informative and I’ve learned not only various skills but that this is definitely a career that I want to pursue.

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