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Way Back BurgersHey there! Well I have been interning with Rao Group Inc. (RGI) for a few weeks now. RGI is a company that owns restaurant franchises. I have been working with their staff on how to get new restaurants recognized and how to boost their sales by creating loyal customers.  I have been working on one particular restaurant, Jake’s WayBack Burgers. It’s a great burger joint serving up hot, juicy burgers, made to order just like way back in the day. I am surprised by how much I am learning. Previously I thought that all advertising had to be planned and executed very carefully, but I learned that there are other options to boost sales immediately. One day when I was at the office, we noticed that sales were slow on a particular day. We grabbed pre-printed coupons and handed them out within a two block radius around the restaurant and sales jumped over $300 the next two hours. Though that was a great sales booster for the day, it did not make great effect on the business as a whole.

To create a greater awareness in the community I have been working on an event to celebrate the restaurant’s one year anniversary. I am working with the marketing director from RGI as well as the marketing director from WayBack corporate to plan a HUGE burger eating contest. The event is planned to happen the Sunday before Halloween so we will also have costume contests. Some of the proceeds will be going to PAWS who will also have a table at the event with some of their furry friends! I am really excited to see how everything comes together. This will be my first project that I have seen and executed from concept to final product. Next post I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it went!

Everyone is welcome to join us Sunday October 28, 2012 from 3pm to 6pm at 9173 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia PA 19114


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  1. Hey Jess,
    I think your internship is really cool, especially because you’ve worked for WayBack for a while. I think when you work for a company and move from the bottom up you have a completely different perspective. You were able to interact with customers on a personal level, so you are able to really understand what sparks their interest. The burger eating contest seems like a great idea, especially because it could gain some news coverage. There aren’t too many places like WayBack in the Northeast and it’s cool to see WayBack interacting with the community in such a creative way. Hope everything went well!

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