Making it WORK at DL MEDIA

"logo attempt #21: stand-up bass player jazz"

Because this internship was not within my specified major for art direction, I had to set some goals for myself. Before leaving, I designed three new logos for the company and created a business card template, all just for fun and to inspire future interns, also leaving the ability to edit and perfect and expound upon the original pieces. I also managed to submit a three-song EP of my own “jazz” music that I recorded at home. I wanted to make sure that any intern following me, whether a creative individual or not, could see the potential for dynamic supplemental work and a self-designed role for the company, and any company for that matter as a creative individual. I have no doubts that if my next destination was NOT San Diego, I would try to continue working for DL Media to further share my thoughts and ideas about branding and working with music on an ever increasing, global level. For now though, my inspiration will have to do. I know I will be staying in contact with everyone that I worked with, because though my time at my internship was short, there were good people.


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