Making the Client/Customer Happy: A Very Good Skill

My internship with Hamilton Jewelers of Insignia is not centered around advertising, however I am taking away great skills that will only improve me as a worker.  When talking to customers on phones all day long, problems do arise.  There will always be those people that like to cause chaos and are unnecessarily rude, however I had to learn to deal with those people in a very polite and calming way, and then I had to figure out how to solve the problem.  Since my track is management, I will hopefully be working in an agency, and therefore I will be surrounded by people all day long.  I will have to work with- not only clients- but coworkers within the agency.  I want to be the kind of person that is approachable and reliable and easy to talk to.  Gaining these skills now will help me in future interviews and even tough situations.  The best feeling is talking to a customer and hearing at the end of the conversation about how pleased they are and how much they appreciated my help.  Those small kind words make my day, and they completely eliminate any rude comments I have received during the day.  These skills I am gaining from talking to customers also helps when it comes to discussing things with my coworkers.  There are a variety of age levels in my office, so everyone communicates differently.  I have learned to communicate everything with everyone.  The worst situation is when a customer calls and says they were talking to one person, and then I have no idea who it was or where I can find that information that was passed.  It is so important to comunicate appropriately the information that is to be known by everyone.  Also, it is important to communicate to your bosses whenever anything is an issue, or even if it is being questioned whether it’s an issue.  I think they would appreciate knowing even if it happens to be of little importance.  That shows character, reliability and responsibility.  I know the skills I have been learning and will continue to learn will push me further ahead in my future.

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