Making Your Internship a Success

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As I complete the final two weeks of my internship with CBS Philly, I have come up with some valuable tips for taking advantage of the intern experience and becoming established within the advertising industry.

  1. Collect business cards and contact information—You never know when you might need someone to provide a reference or help you get your foot in the door for potential jobs and opportunities.
  2. Use social media—I always ask people that I meet if they have a Linkedin or Twitter.  Social Media is a great way to keep in touch, while sharing your interests and showing off what you know.
  3. Be useful- Always try to have work to do and do not let the staff forget you are there.
  4. Don’t fall into a routine—The main objective of an internship is to learn.  If you feel like you are doing the same thing everyday and your assignments are tedious, you’re doing something wrong.  Ask plenty of questions and visit different departments in order to get a better understanding of how the company functions.
  5.  Shadow employees—This gives you a better understanding of what one actually does as an account executive, digital specialist, producer, etc.  Try to sit in on meetings or have lunch with the employees.
  6. Network with your fellow interns—Do not see them as competition, but as a way to connect with more people within the industry.  In the future, they could be your future friends, coworkers, or employers.

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