Marketing Internship with At Media

I’ve been with At Media for almost 3 weeks now. It’s in Old City-a great location. The company was created by a young engaged couple in 2006. Though it is a very small agency, they do great work. They are more web based but they do all kinds of advertising and promotion. I started with (stands for My Hall of Fame), a sports social networking site that is a cross between twitter and facebook. I did some SEM with that and then moved onto writing case studies for At Media’s website of past clients. I worked on a few odds and ends things here and there but my favorite project is organizing the Summer Jazz Series, an annual outdoor concert with food, beer, and jazz bands on August 20th in Point Breeze. All the proceeds go to greening efforts. Though it is hard work getting sponsors and bands, it’s all for a good cause.  Aside from the location, the best part about the internship is that I don’t feel like an intern…I feel like part of the company. I can make decisions and give my input. If you want to get a feel for a small agency with nice people and cool work, At Media is your place.

The picture is of the logos At Media has worked on.

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  1. That is really cool that you truly feel like you are part of the agency. It is also great to hear that your actually doing real work and helping the company out with real clients. You’re lucky to be able to work in old city, which is one of the best places for college aged kids to get be working at in philly. Good luck with the rest of your internship.


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