Marketing to the Money

I am in week 9 of 15 as the marketing intern at Isdaner & Company, LLC. Isdaner is a financial firm located in Bala Cynwyd, just minutes outside of PhiladelphiaI would consider my work experience to be very unique, because I do not have the typical agency or communications internship.  I enjoy that I am able to use the skills I have and am learning in my courses are being applied to my internship. So far I have made Excel my best friend, we are in constant communication every day that I am here! I have learned a lot about Excel and I can see our friendship lasting throughout my career in management. One of my favorite activities is exploring apps and programs that can be beneficial to Isdaner’s online presence, which allows me to see how our Isdaner and their competitors are doing. One social site I have learned to operate was Pinterest! Sad to say, I had no clue on the purpose or how to operate it. For the remainder of my time I plan to reach out to the accountants here (after tax season, it’s a little busy in here) and possibly make Pinterest in one of my friend circles (along with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).


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