Max Steek Plate Internship Experience #2

Now that my internship at Max Steel Plate is coming to an end I have gained so much more knowledge about the business and I have learned how to sell steel. I believe that this has been beneficial for me better understand the consumers of the steel products and potential customers that Max Steel Plate is selling. Overall my experience at Max Steel Plate has been positive. Everyone has embraced my creative approach to attracting new customers.

Since gaining knowledge about Max Steel Plate and the steel industry as a whole it has enabled me to find the most effective ways to differentiate them from other steel companies. Although social media is not the most used medium in the steel industry, I believe that creating them for MSP will create many different opportunities for the company and will make them one of the first to implement social media into steel sales and distribution. It is important to try and have a unified message and image throughout the social mediums. I look forward to expanding the overall capabilities of Max Steel Plate and to give them a more well-rounded and modern approach to communicating with their target market.

Steel Plasma Cutting Machine

This is one piece of machinery that is used on a daily basis at Max Steel Plate. Although I have no business using this heavy machinery, I learned a lot about it and how cutting a piece of steel affects the price of the order. Selling full size plates is what MSP prefers to do, but when a customer asks for something cut to a specific size that cause for it to cost more when putting together a sales estimate. Cutting a piece of steel sometimes leaves us with awkward size plates making them harder to sell to other customers. These off-size plates are called “drops” in the steel industry.

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