McDonalds Walks the Catwalk @ NYFW

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City is one of the biggest events of the year on America’s fashion agenda. The biggest, best, and most luxurious brands will be strutting their styles down the runway starting February 13th, and all eyes will be on the newest trends, even if most of us can only dream of affording them. One brand that IS, however, attainable for the common wallet and can be seen all week long in the hands of NYFW models, assistants, designers and publicists is McDonalds coffee.

McDonald’s will be launching a more complete McCafe campaign starting in May, however their pre-campaign plan is to temporarily brand themselves as “The Official Coffee of New York Fashion Week”. Bryant Park will feature a McDonald’s coffee tent, where they’ll be passing out free coffee and expresso all week to anyone who stops in.

There’s not a great chance that the typically affluent clientele of New York Fashion Week will become regular McDonald’s drive-thru customers. However, McDonald’s isn’t targeting this demographic – their hopes are that “tabloid reading young women” who follow NYFW news will see photos of the models, designers, and other participants drinking McCafe and in turn desire to drink McDonald’s coffee as well. McDonalds is attempting to reach their target demographic through the very demographic those people wish they could be.


Source: AdAge

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