Miles High Productions – Halfway

I have completed four weeks worth of work for Miles High Productions, now working on over eight different entertainment campaigns, including Toby Keith’s new alcohol campaign “WildShots”,  an up and coming female electronica artist “Natalie Walker”, and a Chicago rock festival “MOB Fest”. Having the ability to work with various forms of campaigns (musicians, events,  new products) is giving me a closer look at different marketing strategies for online social media. The strategies that I would use in order to market an upcoming musician is far different from marketing a product campaign, even if I am using the same social networking websites. An example of this would be working on, marketing both the Chicago MOB fest and Toby Keith’s Wild Shot campaign. Even though allows users only a few main functions, which is to follow other accounts and tweet updated statuses, there are still many various approaches in order to market your product correctly.

For the MOB Fest event, I had to do a vast amount of research throughout Twitter to find other accounts that were associated with the event. That meant I had to search for music venues in Chicago, musicians who would be playing at the festival, fans of the bands that were playing, and restaurants in a close radius to the event. While performing these searches, I would have to follow all of the accounts that I found relevant in order to increase awareness of the upcoming festival. On the flip side, for Toby Keith’s campaign on Twitter, I searched for fans of the artist, fans of similar artists, and fans of people who like to “tweet” about alcoholic beverages. Following all the accounts that were found in these searches would help increase the awareness of Toby Keith’s new alcohol product campaign. Even though these were two totally different campaigns and products, and the type of research to increase awareness was different as well, there was still an identical ultimate goal for why I was doing all of this research. The goal was to raise awareness in the intended target market for these upcoming products. Overall, my main duty for this internship is to gain awareness of these artists, events, and products. By using various social networking websites, I am able to search target markets that the campaign is looking to market to.

With the final weeks ahead of me, I am extremely excited to work on new campaigns for popular celebrities in the entertainment industry. For every new campaign I am assigned to work on, I find more and more social networking websites that help me understand the basic strategies of online marketing.


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