Miles High Productions – The final week

Screen Shot from Status Report

This is the final week for my internship with Miles High Productions. With only one final report to submit to the marketing manager, the only other task that I need to get accomplished is my phone conference with the president and founder of the company, Chip Shultzman. In this upcoming phone conference, Chip will be interviewing me on the internship, finding out my thoughts on the company and the work that was assigned to me. Another main component of this phone conference will be regarding next summer and the opportunities that exist for my potential employment with Miles High. Based on my internship evaluation, this phone conference could potentially lead me to a 2012 summer internship, working out in Los Angeles.

Overall, this internship was a very positive learning experience. I have learned all the tricks and shortcuts, the do’s and do not’s, and the positives and negatives that come with social media online marketing.   I was introduced to a plethora of social media websites that I would of never been aware of if not for this internship. While much of the work that was assigned to me ended up being extremely tedious, I realized that everything I was doing had a significant purpose. Every message that I sent to fans, picture that I posted in a group, and every blog that I posted on the musicians profile had the possibility to increase the awareness of that particular client. At the end of the day, this company has one main objective, and that is to raise awareness of their clients through social media outlets. The interns are hired for Miles High to carry out that objective to the fullest of their abilities, whether that is through messaging fans for hours at a time, posting pictures to related musical groups, or just creating profiles and adding friends.

My interest level has greatly increased in regards to the online marketing industry. I would not want to continue doing the same type of work I am doing now in this internship, only because the tasks are very tedious, but I would not mind being the manager who is assigned to bring in the clients for the company. If this internship allowed me to be more creative in the posts that I was making for the clients or the layout of the profiles I had to create, I would have enjoyed the internship as a whole much more. I am very excited at the potential I have with this company and hopefully this is not the end of the road with Miles High Productions.

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