My Experience at Tristate Indie Part 2

As a double major in film and advertising, I was lucky enough to score an internship where I able to apply my skills in both of my areas of interest, at Tristate Indie. I feel that it is hard to come by an internship that allows you to do more than one task. It seems like most internships for ad majors have their interns set on a specific role such as sales or research. At Tristate Indie I got to report events, write, review, edit video, and whatever role that needed to be done in crunch time.

A majority of my time, in the office at Tristate Indie, I would edit videos from both the past and present that were untouched. When I came in, they were going through the motions of what can be seen as rebranding. This included updating their template for videos. We came up with a simple format for the video temple where it was just box text in the font of “Gotham Ultra” over the video being presented.

Picture 1Picture 2

Some of the videos dated back to when they were still stationed in Lancaster, some were filmed the day before. There was a large assortment of videos for me to edit and upload. One regret I do have is the fact that I never able to film an interview, due to schedule clashes with classes this semester.

Overall, I think Tristate Indie was a great internship and I was pleased to work for a small, local business.


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