My internship experience at Clarisse Inc!

I am a social media coordinator intern for Clarisse Inc ( and I am really enjoying my experience there. I have learned a lot since I started months ago.  I learned how to use Hootsuite, which is a program available online that allows people to manage all social media accounts at the same time. This program is the company’s choice for scheduling and managing all their posts on their social media outlets. I have become so familiar with this program because I use it everyday I’m in the office. Also, I have discovered a lot of different photo-editing websites where I can create and edit picture ads for the Clarisse designs to market on their social media accounts.  I used,,, and other websites. I learned a lot about managing social media for a company and the importance of maintaining a professional image that stays consistent with the brand. I also improved my skills in excel by answering to the responsibility of completing tasks within short timeframes. One of the best perks of interning with Clarisse Inc is that I get to explore all the different departments of their business because the office is so busy and there is limited staff. They really want interns to learn and be hands on with their business affairs and I believe that is a great opportunity for me and the other interns because we get a lot of exposure and develop a great deal of knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. I had numerous opportunities to experience what it’s like selling dresses in the showroom and assisting the designer’s creation and inspection process getting ready for their company’s next line or trunk show, etc. This experience is everything I thought it would be and more. I love coming to work; the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. I work hard and get a lot of accolades for it, so I feel very appreciated and significant to the company and I’m only an intern! I am so sad to be leaving soon but it is an experience I will always cherish.

– Shanel G


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