My Internship Experience

Rossi Wellness CenterFor the Spring 2014 semester, I was offered a marketing internship at Rossi Wellness Center. Rossi Center is a medical practice that provides a variety of specializes in HIV/AIDS care, aesthetic  procedures, and opioid dependency.

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This experience has taught me about the marketing, advertising, and search engine optimization efforts that go into a small business. I worked under Barry Eichner, the newly hired marketing consultant with over twenty years of experience. He taught me a lot about SEO and got me interested in that field.  Barry had me writing a bunch of blogs, which I was not too fond of at first, but realized the power of blogs for businesses. He also had me come up with implementation schedules for the month of April and May for email blasts, blogs, and social media posts. This helped me organize work that had to be done for the business.

The work that Barry assigned inspired me to pursue an SEO career path. I want to learn more about how to use SEO to make businesses more accessible and improve visibility on the web. Since so many people are unaware of how SEO works, I think it would be a great field to get into. Eventually, I would like to be my own boss and do consulting like Barry!




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