My Summer at the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce

Over the summer I interned at my local chamber of commerce–The Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce. At first I was extremely nervous…I have a lot of experience in advertising design and this internship consisted of barely any advertising design. However, as weeks went on, it felt great to get my feet wet with the business aspect of the advertising/marketing/PR world.

My first few days consisted of getting to know the GWBCC better. I was stuck doing some work that was tedious and not so glamorous, but I can’t complain–you have to start somewhere! Eventually I was given more responsibilities and tasks that were a lot more exciting. At GWBCC I wrote a handful of press releases, sent out media alerts to local media outlets, designed several flyers, created a program agenda, updated member records, was an administrator for their Facebook page, posted events on the GWBCC website, and most importantly I got to network.

In my first few weeks of interning I was privileged to go to an awards dinner that is held every year. This awards dinner had over 300 guests (all of which were business owners/chamber members in my community). I was able to network and talk to prominent people in my community that I never imagined even meeting. The people I met were from all different types of businesses–from our local library to one of my favorite bars in the area. It was truly an experience that I am so grateful to have had.

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