NBC – Halfway

The summer is flying by and I am already five weeks into my NBC internship. The initial few weeks was all a learning process, mainly a way for me to figure out my own style of marketing. I was given assignments throughout the first half of this internship to put together power-point packages for future clients who would advertise on NBC 10 Philadelphia. The slide-shows that I would put together were all used as sample packages that were only used to train me on how to put together these projects for the clients. The sample packages that I completed were for clients such as; Wawa, the Borgata, Hormel Foods, Arbys, Ocean City, and Seasons Pizza.

Now that the internship is almost halfway completed, the packages that I put together are being more seriously considered to actually be shown to the clients. For a segment on the NBC news called “Back -To – School”, I was instructed to put together a package describing the sponsorship opportunities that clients could potentially be given if they chose to advertise on the NBC 10 news during the segment.  The final package that was sent to the clients had three of my slides of of a four slide presentation. This was the first time any of my material was sent to a real client.

The assignment that I am currently working on is for a new segment that is based off of the show ” The Apprentice”. My job for this segment is to come up with the creative ideas for the competitions that will appear on the show. This version of “The Apprentice” is going to take place at Temple University, so my duty was to find the best schools at Temple (SCT, FOX, Tyler…etc) and also find non-profit organizations in Philadelphia that could benefit from these competitions that the students would be in. The creative ideas that I have pitched so far are a spelling bee (to raise money for local elementary schools), a dog show (to raise money for animal shelters), and a bake sale (to raise money for retirement homes). I really enjoy this assignment so far because I am able to be very creative while incorporating Temple and all of the schools that we have.

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