Never a Dull Moment in Q4 at Evoke

Q4 refers to the last quarter of the year, being September October November and December. These months are the busiest because there is a ton of work and budget to be spent before the fiscal year ends. Ironically, these were the 4 months I was chosen to intern at Evoke so I was able to experience the whirlwind. With only 9 days left of my internship, I had planned to finish out while working with the project management team – but in the midst of the craziness with deadlines and people working until all hours of the night, some things don’t always go as planned.

Since I was able to work with the submissions team for a while now, I know the ropes and offered my continued help as they are a very small department. They are busier than ever with a million things needing to go out for approvals. I will now finish out with the submissions team and not rush into a new department with only a small number of days left. This is fine with me, because I enjoy the work I am doing for them and am just starting to really understand everything.

Adapting to a changing environment is something that becomes necessary while working in advertising, and things simply do not always go as planned. It is awesome to see how hard everyone works here at Evoke and that it is really just one big team (well, a bunch of teams). On top of all the hard work and hours everyone puts in, there is still time for some fun like celebrating “Movember” and hanging fuzzy mustaches all around the office. Like on everything. It is great to see that a fun atmosphere can still be found in such a serious and deadline filled time of year for a big company like this.

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