New Intern Excitement

Taking a quick snapshot in the work room of SA VA during my first day at the internship.

I think the most rewarding thing I gained from SA VA was the affirmation
that I can be successful as a designer. The fashion industry is something
that is extremely difficult to get into without proper connections, and even
someone who is talented can be overlooked in the over-saturated market.
The feeling that ran through my body as I first entered the elevator at
1700 Samson Street can only be described as electric. Each passing floor
brought me closer to my first look into the garment industry and each day
at SA VA brought me one step closer to realizing a lifelong dream.

My experience with Katya Rosele, the chief designer for SA VA, was
just as invaluable. She gave me such wise insight to the industry and
showed me the amount of dedication it takes to make a brand work.

Though my first couple of weeks at SA VA were spent with the tedious task
of prepping web images, I soon found myself taking product photographs,
designing mailers and proposing textile designs. At the end of my stay I had
a better understanding of how the fashion industry works and what I needed
in order to compete in it.

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