MAC's Shop MAC/ Cook MAC collection launch

I’ve been working with Nordstrom King of Prussia for over a year now as a part-time makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics and it seems all of my time outside of school is spent here. I love everything that Nordstrom stands for from staying up to date in the fashion industry, beauty, and even dining in their cafe or coffee at the Espresso Bar. This place treats their customers like gold and has such a great reputation among the fashion world for setting the bar with trends. In order to grow within the company and accomplish a successful internship, I began working more closely with my MAC and Nordstrom supervisors to help  market the cosmetics events and new product launches taking place throughout the semester. This means working on event and team planning, client follow ups, flyer creations and driving in more sales within the cosmetics department.

Nordstrom conducts business in a fast paced environment in order to constantly evolve so that customers continue to come in. This helps all of employees and interns the fundamentals on conducting a successful business. It’s been great learning creative ways to bring in clientele, collaborating with my supervisors on new ways to reach out to customers with events, marketing and following ups.

Within the next two weeks, all of our hard work will come to fruition for Nordstrom’s Cosmetic Trend Show! Its been exciting, stressful and rewarding to watch all of the elements of the event come together over the past few months. The event takes place Saturday, April 28th at 8am at the King of Prussia store. We’ll be going over all the latest spring trends, products from all of our cosmetics lines and doing makeovers in store all day! So if anyone is interested in coming in, feel free to contact me here! Everyone is welcome and every year we have a lot of fun with our in store artists from all lines, DJs, and giveaways.

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