Once you tell them you can help, they know

Interning at the Brownstein Group has been a great opportunity.  It is an established agency in the city with big clients and innovative people.  As time has gone on, I have made a realization about interning.  Everyone is always busy.  From creating, to communicating, to meeting, it seems that people in the agency don’t have much down time.  That being said, as an intern, you are supposed to relieve some of their workload.  There are times I finish a project and need something else to work on.  When this happens, I either email account management or the strategy team or visit them directly.  I let them know if there is anything I can do to let me know.  Once you do that, they know you are available.  The account manager I primarily work under told me on the first day that if someone needs you to do something, they will come to you.  The last thing people need here are constant emails asking for things to do.  Sometimes they are too busy to figure something out or just don’t have anything for you.  In my experience, this is rare, but there are days it happens.  To fill in the time when there is not a lot of work for me, I take advantage of becoming familiar with client work or improving previous work.

This is not to say to not step up to the plate and vocalize your availability.  Obviously, that would not give anybody much of an impression, and you would be flat out bored.  The important thing is to let them know you are willing to help.  People appreciate all the help you can give, and when they have the time, they will not hesitate to get you working on something. Be eager and pro-active, but don’t be a nag!


Carly Ambrose


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