One of the Guys

one of the guys


If you’ve been around campus, you’ve had to have seen this picture in an ad, for the web series “One of the Guys”, that is all over buildings, elevators, you name it. Turns out it has a pretty great story to go along with it. The concept of “One of the Guys” is that a straight man signs a lease for the spare room in an apartment that three gay men currently live in, none of which knew he was straight. It’s a clever twist on stereotypes to see if the guys can really accept this straight guy into their lives as just another “One of the guys”.

A friend of mine who works on the show actually showed me the first episode last night and I have to say it’s definitely worth checking out. The actors are fun and likeable, the story is unique, the writing is entertaining, and the production was really impressive. I highly recommend giving the pilot a watch and I bet you’ll be sitting around after wishing you had episode two already!

After watching the show, my friend told me about the behind the scenes work that the crew and creator/director/writer Michael C. Busza had to do in order for this breakthrough student production to come about and plan for a full-length series. The series started out as a class production project last semester and quickly took on the legs of something bigger. The money for the project has since come out of pocket by Busza, crew members, as well as donations from family and friends. They recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to continue on with the series and actually raised over their goal in less than 24 hours. There’s still time to donate to keep this project ready for full length!

I can’t wait to see where this show is headed both story-wise and Temple-wise.  This is an amazing production for crew and cast members to be apart of because of the hard work and effort that they’re putting in outside of their classes. Not only that, but they’re also making a strong statement as Temple University student’s writing a script on gay versus straight stereotypes in such an original way that has never been challenged before.

Oh and hey, Temple Made, you might want to check these guys out. They’re living proof of what it means to be Temple Made.

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