Opening New Doors

Hello everyone. My name is Shayne Maister, and I have been pursuing an internship at Agency|51 in Philadelphia this summer. I really had no idea what I was getting into when I accepted the internship offer, but boy, am I sure glad I did. My time there, thus far, has opened so many new doors for me to venture into and learn about the different sides of advertising. As a creative (copywriter to be exact), I believed that the creative side of advertising took precedent over the accounts side, prior to beginning my journey as an intern. Working mostly with individuals involved in accounts has opened my eyes to just how important the accounts side truly is. Without good account managers and strategists, the creativity aspect of an ad campaign really becomes pointless; the logistics and facts are the foundation of a good, effective ad. Surrounding myself with these strategic ideas have helped me to think more realistically and set limits to my creative ideas, which is essential to creatives in an agency. A few of my assigned tasks have involved developing creative briefs for projects, which also helped me to gain insight into the accounts side of the industry.

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