PerformRx Internship

For the fall semester of my senior year I am interning at PerformRx, which is part of the Amerihealth Caritas Family of Companies. As a full-service pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), PerformRx works with health plans in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. PerformRx offers clients both standalone products and services, as well as full pharmacy benefit solutions.

Prior to starting my internship, I had little to no experience working in the marketing field, let alone anything having to do with medicine/pharmaceuticals. As an Ad major, I wasn’t sure how my experiences in copywriting and art direction would overlap with marketing. In the end, the internship worked out so much better than I could have thought. What started out as a basic “marketing” internship soon turned into a graphic design internship. I am currently drawing up concepts and creating marketing materials for various lines of business. I work very closely with 7 other members within the marketing team to produce these materials. Assignments come and go quickly, and sometimes deadlines sneak up on you. I have really had to get used to this change, as I could originally have an entire month to work on a project, and then that time could be reduced to a week with little to no notice. Another way I stay on track with my assignments is by meeting with members from the creative team who work on the floor below. This is necessary so that all sections of the company remain on the “same page”. I’ve grown over the past few months in that I’ve learned to better manage my time and make goals for myself each week.

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