P&G Takes a Swing at an MLB Campaign

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As part of a campaign behind Procter & Gamble Co.’s Head & Shoulders with Old Spice, P&G wants to own the strikeout in MLB baseball. P&G is attempting to play on the double meaning of scent and strikeouts with their innovative MLB campaign. For every strikeout, P&G will give $1 to Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities. The company also plans to fuel social media with the hashtag #Whiff. For every month, the MLB club whose fans tweet most often using #Whiff, P&G will donate an additional $10,000 for local chapters.

P&G has always been strong with their campaigns and their new MLB campaign is no exception. The MLB campaign is following in the footsteps of many other companies who have also attempted to give back to communities, which have proven to be very successful such as Panera and Toms. They also plan to do a wrap and interior ad takeover of the No. 7 train from Manhattan to Citi Field of Queens during June and July in order to build around the All-Star Game.

The strategy behind the brand mashup is that one of the biggest barriers that P&G is fighting to overcome is the misconceptions consumers have about the scent of Head & Shoulders. By mixing the well-known Old Spice scent with Head & Shoulders, P&G hope to overcome this obstacle and attract consumers to the new product.

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