Philadelphia 76ers – One on One with the Intern

For this blog post, I figured I would take all the questions that people have been asking me in regards to my internship experience and compile them all in one spot. I’m pretty sure other people who are interested as well, will find these questions and answers useful.


Q: Do you get free tickets to the games as interns?

A: Yes. Sometimes we will get complimentary tickets to the games and we’re allowed up to two tickets since we are only interns


Q: Do they pay you?

A: No, but you get college credit


Q: Do you get to meet the players?

A: I often walked by players in the hallways throughout the days. It’s up to if you want to say hi or something. Sometimes they will greet you first which is cool.  But, I bump into them a lot. I don’t always say hi though.


Q: Did you like working for the 7ers?

A: Of course! I had a great time there. The type of work I was given to do was good and the people that work there are awesome people. They’re cool, down to earth and are really fun to be around.


Q: How did you get this offer?

A: My internship director at my school constantly emails internship opportunities. I saw this one and applied on my own, got called in for a interview, aced my interviews and I made it in 🙂


Q: What kind of stuff do you do there?

A: Just a brief overview of what I did: conduct research for various projects, brainstorm and compile a list of sponsorship ideas for our partnership with McDonald’s as well as promotional and giveaway ideas we can implement on game days, make sure the Box Office is properly stocked with 76ers promotional material, assist Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Manager with duties in and around the office and arena, assist in the managing and implementation of in game giveaways and promotions on game nights, assist with grassroots marketing campaigns.


Q: Can you see yourself working there after graduation?

A: Of course. I love working there. If I really wanted to stay in Philadelphia after graduation, I would have stayed there. Maybe one day, I’ll consider going back to Philly.


Q: Do you get to meet anyone famous?

A: Sometimes. One game, I was able to meet Will and Jada Smith. They sometimes come to the games.


Q: Is the environment very fast paced and stressful?

A: Not at all. It’s a very fun and chill place to work at. The atmosphere doesn’t encourage a stressful feeling.


Q: How is the diversity at the 76ers?

A: In my opinion, it’s pretty diverse (age wise and race wise) and everyone welcomes each others differences and everyone gets treated the same.


Q: Would you recommend this internship to someone else?

A: Of course. Working with the Philadelphia 76ers is a great experience… especially for those looking to get into Sports and Entertainment Marketing.


Q: Do you have to dress up when you go into work?

A: Yes. Nothing too major. We come in business casual attire.



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