Philadelphia Ad Club Workshop at Palumbo High School

This program is the first in my college career to showcase the full potential community learning courses have in engaging students off all ages and backgrounds.

Rather than teaching through traditional lectures or power points to take notes from, this experience has taught me that not all minds, especially those who are creative, absorb the material through these methods.

By asking the students for their consideration, direction and powerful ideas for the Philabundance Great Food Fight campaign, the project is in their control. This is conducted in a college class room environment and offers them a hands on experience to understand how an advertising agency operates.

These high school students are surprisingly capable in handling such a large project for their school, Palumbo. They are active in making a difference in their own lives headed towards college along with the bigger picture of helping Philabundance feed the surrounding community. 

Through weeks of brainstorming, researching and working as a team, both the Palumbo and Temple students collaborate to create a strong  ad campaign for a can drive at Palumbo High School. By teaching the very concepts we learn in our advertising courses at Temple, we solidify our knowledge, share it with fellow students, and through this process, our eyes open to the many alternative ways to learn.

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