Philadelphia: Mural Capital of the World

I have worked at LevLane Advertising/PR/Interactive for 3 weeks as of Monday Oct 11, 2010. Thus far this experience has taught me that when people say the advertising industry is such a fast paced environment it really is. As an intern here, I have learned how to better multitask. I have worked on 2 presentations for the agency to get a better understand of how to tackle tasks for our clients.

Since working here, I have decided that Account Management is the best fit for me. Therefore, I’m more gung ho on graduating and succeeding in the industry. Watching, listening, and interacting with the Account Managers here at LevLane makes me realize exactly why I want to be a part of this industry so badly.

A few positives that I’ve learned, thus far, working here are that all advertising isn’t lies. I learned the art of persuasion is the biggest skill you need to possess in this industry. Although it is known that advertising is all about persuasion, I learned that there are ways to influence without making it appear to be pure fabrication.

Meeting Bruce Lev has inspired me because he has his own agency, which I want if I can’t be the CEO of my dream company PepsiCo. Bruce is someone who I haven’t really gotten the chance to sit down and talk with as of yet, but that is definitely a plan before the end of this internship. I also admire many of my other colleagues because many of them landed a job here after being an intern themselves.

Coming into this internship I thought I would be the typical intern – getting coffee, filing papers, distributing mail. But I am far from that. I am actually doing research that I have to present to the agency on ways to better our clients’ campaigns. Granted, research is a tedious task, but it’s relevant because you have to perform competitive analyses to see what your competition is doing in order to ensure that your client is the best they can possibly be.

Just as a small tid bit – Today myself and a few people from the agency went on the Mural Arts Program Trolley Tour of South Philly today and it was an experience! We learned about the history of murals, why Philly is the mural capital of the world. An interesting fact that stuck with me is that Philly currently has 3500 murals in the city and that if you were to put them side by side it would 28 miles long.

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  1. That’s a great agency. I know they are real big on hiring interns there. Sounds like LevLane has been a great experience for you so far. Best of luck!!

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