Playing Tag With Propulsion

When I first started this new internship at Propulsion Media Labs in August, I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly it was that they did. Propulsion Media Labs, formally known as Paul Turner Productions is a full service production house, specializing in radio and television advertising, as well as contracting voice talents. I wasn’t sure how the flow of work traveled from the account guys to the production guys. Yes, guys. This all male office, with the exception of the office manager, Susan, is run in a laid back yet professional way. The work flows from the account guys, then to audio guys, and finally to the video guys. The guys joke around with one another and often refer to PML as a “frat house with pay checks” but in the end, all the work is completed and all the deadlines are met.

 I was nervous when I first started at Propulsion. I can tell you almost anything you need to know about the Adobe Creative Suite, but what do I know about editing audio or key framing words in After Effects? Almost nothing. Each week I try to spend a little bit of time with a different production guy, learning as much as I can behind the camera, in the sound booth, or playing with software and getting myself familiar with these programs. Whether we’re making a short intern film, or actually recording radio spots for a client, the audio and production guys are with us the whole way making sure we understand how everything works. The other interns and myself even took it upon ourselves to make a Benny Hill style film of our own, called “Playing Tag with Propulsion.” However, one of the most rewarding thing I’ve been able to be involved with during the past few months is not only working on real radio or television spots, but actually being in them. So far, I have had the chance to be in two car dealership TV spots, and three radio car and political spots! Maybe I’ll catch a huge break and commercial acting will be my new forte!

On a more serious note, I’ve been able to learn a lot about the inner workings, and what happens behind the scenes in advertising outside of what I’m comfortable with and outside of an agency. On top of learning how to use equipment and software, and even being in commercials, I have also had the chance to network with advertising agencies that work directly with PML when working on a commercial spots. I feel as if this internship has given me what I need to go forth and prepare myself for graduation and has given me a few more skills I can contribute to the advertising world.

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