Productive Summer at Digitas Health

This summer I had the pleasure to be a media intern at Digitas Health in Philadelphia. Digitas Health is under the Publicis Groupe which is worldwide with over 1,000 agencies. Digitas Health is a full service advertising agency that specializes in healthcare. I have always wanted to intern at a full service advertising agency but I never imagined I would work in healthcare.

During the 8 weeks I spent at Digitas Health I attended intern trainings, media trainings, SMEs (subject matter experts) events, assisted in media plans, managed media campaigns, attended vendor meetings, had lunch with the CEO in NYC and worked on a mock pitch that was presented to senior executives (and won!).

My time at Digitas Health was exciting, challenging and rewarding. I worked closely with a team of 8 people which consisted of the Vice President of Media, Media Operations, Media Supervisors, Media Planners and Associate Media Planners. They were all very helpful and made sure I learned as much as possible while I was there. I worked on campaigns for Mylan which is a generic medicine brand along with EpiPen.

In healthcare, campaigns consists of DTC (direct to consumer) which is B2C and HCP (healthcare professionals) which is B2B. There are also campaigns that are branded and unbranded. Branded campaigns are when you can include the brand and type of medicine within the advertisement and unbranded campaigns are to create awareness and they cannot include the brand or type of medicine name within the advertisement. This is all regulated through MLR (med legal review.) At first it was a challenge to understand the different campaigns and how media plans differ but with all the trainings and my extremely helpful team I felt a lot more confident within just a few or two.

There is something special about Digitas Health and working in a healthcare advertising agency. It may not be as exciting as advertising for alcohol or a clothing brand but at the end of the day you have this feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction because you are helping people make healthier and life changing decisions.

I could have not of asked for a better internship and I strongly recommend Digitas Health if you are looking for a rewarding and challenging internship. In addition to media they also have product management, account planning, creative, strategy and finance internships during the summer.


View from the 11th floor at Digitas Health
View from the 11th floor at Digitas Health

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