Question Everything

Classical Design has a lot of great properties that we should be using everyday in our design work.

So far at my Summer internship at Media DEI at 1900 Market street, I learned plenty of things like classical design principles, such as: harmony, balance, beauty, and hierarchy. I also learned patience, real workplace insights, new world views, how to rely on others to help get a job/task done. I had never gotten the chance to get a great foundation in design. I would always reference the advertising part of my degree to help my work but after working with James, (My Boss), and reading dozens of texts from ancient artists and philosophers like Leonardo Da VInci, Pacioli and Alberti I finally feel like I have an ideal leg to stand on to help me soar.

While working, I discovered that in the site where I work, there are plenty of small startups and new businesses that are trying to gain traction through the company called WeWork. It’s sort of like a career-driven, elite entrepreneur hub where everyone knows each other and uses each other as connections and contacts. When I realized how small my company actually is compared to every other one on the floor I felt right at home.

When starting a new internship always find someone who you can ask plenty of questions. Whether you don’t agree with the choices being made on a specific project or just don’t understand the general instructions given to you about a certain task, make sure to ask questions to get a clear understanding of what needs to be done. When asking questions, however, never come off as impatient or rude. It is crucial to gain as much information and experiences as possible while interning so treat it as unlimited bowling. You don’t need to worry about the consequences of ignorance until you can’t find the answer. As long as you question everything and find an answer then you’re learning and doing what you’re there for. And plus, have fun while you’re doing it.

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