Ready For My Close-Up

There are many perks that come with working at a small agency.  Bagel Wednesdays, 5$ Burger Tuesdays and an agency-wide game of music popcorn everyday are just a few.  My insatiable appetite for food aside, d4 Creative Group has given me some unique opportunities in different aspects of advertising.  In less than a month, I have been involved in brainstorming sessions, designing food truck wraps, logos and website comps, compiling stock footage for commercials and designing storyboards.  The opportunity we had the most fun with was a photo shoot for a perspective client.  Since d4 does all production in-house, we wanted to show them that we can provide a professional studio for product shots.  We had to impress them so we took the company’s camera, went out and bought props, and found the perfect location (Morris Arboretum).

We had complete creative control over the shoot location, props, shots, placement, etc.  Running around in the 104 degree weather that day was difficult but in the end, we got some great shots, edited them and sent them off to the client.  They loved them and agreed to work with us.  Shortly after that, they came into the studio for a series of shots for their social media, and I was able to sit in on and aid the entire session while networking with the client and its company.  

image (1)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

To see that our intuition paid off and ended in a new client joining the d4 team was very fulfilling, especially in my first agency job.  Even though my title was “Design Intern”, the range of abilities I had to tap into while working there helped me step outside what I was learning in my courses at Temple, and enhance my versatility as a valuable asset.

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