Ready for the Next Step

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Sadly, my time at Weston Fitness is slowly coming to an end. So, far, I’ve created several marketing strategies- both online and offline. Each of which I’ve been able to fully implement into Westons’ business model. Initially, I figured that I’d meet a hefty amount of resistance when trying to do so, given that I’m a young college student working amongst more experience. The team, however, was very open and receptive to my ideas. They told me they appreciated a younger persons perspective, which made me feel pretty important.

Furthermore, my strategies seem to be working pretty well. On social media traffic has increased tenfold. Our  number of Instagram and Twitter followers are growing every day, and our Facebook page is well around 2000 likes, more than double of what it was when I started. We started including members in all of our social media posts as well. Mainly because I felt like this would form a stronger business to consumer bond. I bond which I believe, makes every business stronger.

All in all, I’ve gained quite a sense for what I may expect at my next job. Though this was technically an internship, it certainly didn’t feel like one.  I was treated like an established employee, and was also given the responsibilities of one. Even more satisfying was the fact that  the fruits of my labor bore solid results. The confidence this internship has given me is priceless. After my time here I can honestly say that I am 100% ready for the next step in my career.


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