Red Bull Records

Hey! My name is Adam Libon and as before stated I work with Red Bull Records advertising, promoting and marketing their four bands. So far this experience has taught me a few things.

First off, there are a lot of things one can do to advertise bands. You can pretty much do anything and as long as the word is out about it then people will be happy. For example, since Social Media is so popular now, the label goes online to see who is talking about the bands. So reposting things on Facebook or retweeting things on Twitter, the labels see it and they know that this is basically free advertising. And this is a good thing in many ways because a) who doesn’t like things that are free, and b) the word is out about the bands and the label itself. Another thing that I’ve learned is that people don’t like be solicited to talk. You got to approach them with a certain distance and be like discreet when you are talking about the bands or the music.

I have gained a few things from this experience as well. I would love to go into the music industry after I’m done here so having this experience is sort of a step in the door and a corner stone of sorts. I learned that advertising bands on a small indie label such as Red Bull you have to think outside the box and have things and do things that aren’t the status quo. Red Bull has a few things (that I can’t talk about yet) planned for the summer and fall for the bands and I’m really excited to be involved with them. The major labels such as Universal, Warners, and Sony all do the same promotional and advertising methods for all of their bands. This gets to be boring and stagnant after a while. Red Bull has to stand out from the rest and they have to do things that are out there and different. And personally I think that’s an awesome thing to do.

Overall, my experience has been great and I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing.


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