Reflecting on my “Remarkable” Experience


I have finally approached the two month mark interning at PrimePay. I still cannot believe that much time has passed and how much I have learned during this time-frame. Right now, the marketing and strategy department is working in overdrive to prepare for the unveiling of PrimePay’s new website and logo. Just yesterday I was able to sit-in on a training session that was done via phone conference with stakeholders from all across the country. The purpose of this session was to inform employees, clients, brokers, etc. of the exciting new changes that PrimePay will be experiencing in the next month. The main take away for me from this conference was why it is so important for any brand to stand out and be relevant. Competition is always fierce, and PrimePay drew its rebranding initiatives from the idea of being “remarkable”. Take something that is typical and change the paradigm; reimagine the brand in a new light. This is exactly what my supervisor and the rest of his team has done for PrimePay.

My main role in this process has been developing and writing content that will be offered on PrimePay’s new website. So far, I have two blogs that I have written that will be featured on PrimePay’s RSS feed and about four reports that could potentially be used as whitepapers for clients on the new website once I have the final approval. I never thought that my work as a new intern would get published. I guess this is because I also didn’t think I could learn this much at an intern level. This has been my thinking process as I reflect back on the two months I have been here. I truly was treated as if I were an actually employee; sending out emails to all of PrimePay’s stakeholders, setting up press releases, engaging in meetings with different departments and being notified on a constant basis the progress of PrimePay’s rebranding campaign.

This experience thus far has been a great resume builder as well as character builder. I have a lot of writing samples and pieces that I could potentially add to a work portfolio to show to future employers. This internship has set a great foundation for me as an aspiring marketer or account manager. As I sit here and write my final blog, I can’t help but imagine my future in this industry. PrimePay has definitely shed light on the various opportunities and positions that graduating with a degree in advertising can provide. I have set high goals and standards for myself for my last year at Temple as well as my future career. I will not stop until I feel I have reached my fullest potential in this industry, and interning these two months at PrimePay has given me the basic groundwork and motivation to begin this upward journey into the real world.

*The picture I have included is of PrimePay’s new logo. When viewed closely, the icon consists of two P’s that come together to form what looks like a person. The idea is to play off of PrimePay’s key attributes of being personable in an industry where a client’s interaction with a payroll company is often automated. The font is in Sans Serif to symbolize strength and conviction. Gold is the new color that PrimePay is associating its brand with.

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