Relationships are Key

I’ve had the opportunity to intern at PHL17 this semester in the Media Sales Department.  As a local television station PHL17 relies on the Media Sales Department to produce most of its revenue.  One of the great things about my internship is that I get to go on sales calls with the account executives.  These sales calls have given me a chance to watch account executives negotiate deals and interact with clients.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned came on a sales call I tagged along for.  We went to meet the client for quite an informal meeting at a local fast food restaurant.  As soon as they interacted I could tell that they had a great relationship with each other.  They easily transitioned from talking about the Phillie’s upcoming baseball season to rating points and dollar signs.  I was really impressed with how comfortable the sales executive made the client and situation.  After they finished talking numbers and pricing for the ad space they turned their focus to me and started to give me some advice.  One of their pieces of advice was that you should always look out for one another and have the others best  interest in mind.  This business is a small one where people know and remember who and what kind of person you are.  If you have a good friendly relationship with the client and you try to spend their money wisely, they will continue to bring their business to you.  The client even went as far to say that he only works with that specific account executive at PHL17 because he knows he will take care of both of their needs.  At the end of the day, people become loyal to those that go above and beyond to help out.  If you make a point to develop a great relationship with clients it could go a long way.


  1. Thank you for sharing this advice with the rest of us. I have received similar advice from my boss. The business world is not that large, especially when dealing with a local Philadelphia company, and it is all about who you know and what they think of you. As graduating seniors, we have a lot on our plates with trying to find a job, but it is key to focus on the impressions we make on each and every person we meet as we begin to take new jobs in the upcoming months. These impressions will make or break us.

  2. Ryan,

    I enjoyed reading your Blog post. When I saw your title “Relationships are Key” I quickly clicked on it to read how you felt about the issue. I agree with you completely, great relationships with clients and their agencies is very important in this industry. When you build their trust and confidence, they want to continue working with you. Making them feel good and comfortable that their business is in the right hands is both a rewarding feeling for you and the client. I work as an intern in the sales/marketing department for a production company called ShootersINC. I love seeing the relationship between the client and the agency, and how they treat and interact with them. I appreciated your Blog and think you are on a strong path towards pursuing your career. Good luck!

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